An Urban Future Start-up


Market for the Future of Cities


anticipated worth of smart
city market by 2019


value of sharing economy to
be worth by 2025


will be spent globally by cities
to smarten up by 2038

The new wave of tech is changing the way we experience our lives in cities. You the entrepreneur will lead us in advancing the way we value our friends, our things, our cities. Whether it be for work or play. At Azcende, we’ve recognized the importance of your passion and how it contributes to a greater whole. We’re here to see your success is magnified and your passion inspires all of us.

We continue to build relationships vital to enabling the very needed transformation in our urban landscape. Specifically, we have recognized those that could provide strategic value, whether it be financial, in knowledge or in capability; ultimately leading us to an exit to a more prosperous future. Whatever is chosen as the best outcome for all.

Growth for Start-ups


Assets, Infrastructure & Customers

Value Creation

Maximizing Enterprise Value
ESG Outcomes & Impact


Broaden Exit Opportunities to
Meet Shared Objectives

Your urban playground

Shopping Centres

Office Towers

Transport & Logistics


Other Urban Assets



Waste & Utilities


Public Spaces

Schools & Universities

Residential & Subdivisions


Create value with you to build a better, stronger business – by letting you be the expert of your business, whilst we partner with you to drive achieving objectives.


Azcende’s work to understand urban problems to a granular level of detail allows us to augment your value proposition (if required) to solve current, profitable problems.


Urban innovation is the process of matching the intersection of people, places and things with technology in cities in a deliberate way to advance humanity.


Advancing humanity in cities and creating sustainable social impact has commercial value at scale.

ESG Focus

“Being both entrepreneurial and social is no longer an oxymoron, but rather a tautology.”
Jeremy Rifkin, “The Zero Marginal Cost Society: The Internet of Things, the Collaborative Commons, and the Eclipse of Capitalism”
ESG presents an opportunity to expand opportunities, options and markets by being able to provide greater benefit to society and environment knowing that we all share in the potential for a more positive future.

Deal Sourcing

Startup & Tech

As a venture capitalist firm with a deliberate focus we continue to establish relationships with organizations that can provide exclusive access to deal flow.


With the growing demand to better utilize excess capacity in their assets and infrastructure, asset managers are seeking to collaborate with Azcende. They wish to be introduced to potential deals whilst providing opportunities to exclusively align Azcende start-ups to their assets where applicable.

Azcende Initiatives

To further advance our market presence we will continue efforts whereby startups and cities will be attracted to our thesis and future track record.