Azcende is interested in driving growth through ventures that deliver:


  • Increased returns from better use of infrastructure
  • Improved asset performance
  • Investment scaleability
  • Social benefits


Through our investments, Azcende helps to provide a brighter global future regardless of the direction of key markets or the focal area of global growth. The assets we invest in exhibit persistent capital growth and have a long lifespan independent of short-term market movements.

Our investments have a near-term (≤ 5-year) focus, taking the burden of investing in this timeframe away from government and industry so they can concentrate on long-term, complex and sustainable infrastructure and initiatives. There are opportunities to significantly improve the return on investment from existing assets and services through the application of Azcende’s unique investment approach.

10-year planning horizon


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Investment strategy


We apply global insights in local contexts, through alliances formed with industry and government, to pinpoint and scale the most attractive investment opportunities, delivering more effective performance than traditional approaches.



Investment modelling for the smart city

Harnessing data has always been critical to successful investing. As we establish relationships with and capture data from government and industry, we continually evolve our City Data Models to support our investment evaluations and decision-making processes. Ultimately, this intensive use of data allows us to offer greater yields and more consistency while revealing further opportunities. Our data reads the tempo of our cities, and with every additional project Azcende undertakes, we add additional notes to the symphony.


Assets and services we are interested in investing in

We are interested in assets or services in the following markets, whether they are currently owned by government or industry:






Smart infrastructure


Mobility and transport


Public safety




Energy and water



Start-ups and Business investments:

To realise the potential of assets and services in our Future of the City investments, Azcende seeks to invest in relevant organisations while they are still in their early stages (seed to series A or B):










Internet of things








Social enterprise:

Azcende aims to improve people’s lives directly as well as through its investments in infrastructure, services and industry. Investing for social impact is a powerful way to increase prosperity for all, so we also look for investments where we can help social enterprise empower communities and improve their resilience. By enhancing the well-being of all citizens, we fulfil our goal of bringing about a better future.


If you have an investment opportunity you’d like to discuss, please: