Today, society and industry are changing at a rapid and ever-increasing pace. To aid government in its quest to support this change, Azcende has established an investment framework that aims to improve economic performance.

Meeting long-term infrastructure demands

Governments need to satisfy short-term demands from the public, which reduces their financial and operational capacity to embrace more ideal, long-term infrastructure solutions. Azcende focuses on providing near-term (≤ 5-year) investment opportunities that deliver revenue potential while offering insights into infrastructure and asset use that pave the way for future optimisation. The knowledge and capital we supply allow government to deliver more to the public while giving us the ability to provide outstanding returns to investors.

From simple cities to smart cities

Cities often borrow heavily to meet their needs for infrastructure. They then face the challenge of deciding how to deploy their capital. Traditional cities tend to choose simplistic solutions that fulfil current needs to implement policies and procedures, and to deliver services. The smart city takes a different approach, investing in flexible infrastructure and technology that can capture data and respond dynamically to provide services and decision-making cues based on shifts in demand.

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Azcende looks to enable cities with such technology to immediately deliver improved usage from existing assets and services. Our involvement gives government the ability to provide more holistic and comprehensive infrastructure solutions for all stakeholders.

Benefits to Government

Azcende provides a broad range of benefits to government, including access to:


  • Funding alternatives
  • A wide array of infrastructure solutions
  • Global insights into infrastructure and asset performance, and other resources
  • Trade and export connections
  • A global expertise network

Understanding an Azcende investment opportunity


When approaching an investment opportunity, Azcende first directs its efforts to identifying key assets or services of interest. We also look for data that will help to demonstrate the potential for investment and the readiness to accept it.



Types of Assets & Infrastructure

Azcende investments offer expanded public benefits

Our investments allow us to support government and industry in creating deeper value through job creation, economic benefits and broader industry attractiveness for urban environments.

Job Creation

Create jobs

Economic Benefit

Provide positive short to medium-term economic impact

Industry Benefit

Broaden industry attraction

Harnessing data for smart-city insights

Data has always been essential for government. As our databases and methodologies continue to develop, we provide further value to government through insights and analytics that come from these data models.