Empowering Government

How does (local) government address the need to invest in smart infrastructure and provide the greatest opportunity to facilitate economic growth? Whether it be jobs, tourism or attracting new industries, Smart Cities provide a new way to reinvigorate communities.

Meeting infrastructure demands

With the introduction of digital technologies, cities are able to measure the performance of infrastructure. Using this data effectively could lead to better conceptualisation, design and building of infrastructure that would meet the significant future demands in urban environments. Governments need to satisfy short-term demands from the public, which reduces their financial and operational capacity to embrace more ideal, long-term infrastructure solutions. Azcende focuses on understanding existing and near-term challenges facing local government in order to identify and align prospective portfolio companies that may greater harness existing assets and infrastructure. The potential for insights to be generated from aggregated data allow us to advance the benefits realised from infrastructure that will exist in cities.

From simple cities to smart cities

Looking beyond purely embedding technology into the urban landscape, we see the Smart City as facilitating the advancement of people in how they live their lives to deliver more meaningful social, environmental and economic impact. The Smart City takes a different approach, investing in flexible infrastructure and technology that can capture data and respond dynamically to create service and decision-making cues based on shifts in demand.

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Azcende looks to collaborate with cities by introducing tech start-ups that have the ability to deliver improved usage from existing assets, infrastructure and services.

Government Collaboration

Azcende collaborates with governments in order to understand urban challenges that relate to:

  • Economic issues
  • Endemic social priorities and issues
  • Desired environmental objectives

By aggregating challenges, opportunities and objectives, we are able to offer the potential for transferable solutions that may benefit cities financially.

Exploring Assets & Infrastructure

Azcende is interested in benefits that enhance the following types of assets and infrastructure

Understanding the need for broader public benefits

Through our engagements with government officials, we are able to prioritise opportunities that may see benefits realised more effectively

Job Creation

Create jobs

Economic Benefit

Provide positive short to medium-term economic impact

Industry Benefit

Broaden industry attraction

Industry Benefit

Environmental Sustainability

Harnessing data for smart-city insights

Data has always been essential for government. As our databases and methodologies continue to develop, we provide further value to government through insights and analytics that come from these data models.