About Us

Our focus for investments is exclusively within the United States, of course we consider companies that have globe aspirations and market relevance. Our inception comes from Brisbane, Australia which reflects our valuing of diversity and inclusion.


Boston, Massachusetts

Boston is one of the world’s great intellectual centres. Anchored by MIT and Harvard, and home to industry giants such as General Electric, Boston is an ideal environment to support our success as fund managers.

San Francisco, California

Home to the worlds tech giants and world renowned Silicon Valley, we work here to build relationships with would be portfolio companies and technology leaders to ensure that we remain aware of opportunities and establish relevant partnerships.


Originated from Brisbane, Australia

Brisbane, a new world city, has actively pursued opportunities to grow into the highly competitive global-city space. Because it is in the relatively early stages of implementing smart-city technologies, Brisbane provided a unique opportunity that helped Azcende to be formed forge partnerships and explore investment opportunities. It also provides exceptional access to economies of scale in nearby cities such as Sydney, Melbourne and regional hubs such as Singapore and Hong Kong.


The Azcende vision

How do we make the world more capable of achieving the impossible? How do we advance humanity by profoundly improving the quality of life for all people?
The human race has chosen to be physically connected. Because of this, Azcende believes that the key to these questions is in the future of the world’s cities, where 54% of the global population now lives.

We care about making the impossible possible, and about improving lives, because we believe our investments hold the potential to deliver a more rewarding life to every person. By using technology imaginatively, we can create greater value from the assets that industry and government already have available. This creates the prospect of solving many of the small issues that face society—and even some of the big ones.

We find the possibilities inherent in such incremental transformation are too big to ignore. As a result, we have assumed the responsibility to create ventures that unlock the latent potential in people, government and industry, to drive progress towards greater economic prosperity and personal well-being.