A venture capital focused on urban innovation investments.

Azcende is a venture capital firm that seeks to change the world through the impact of its investments. By identifying alternative markets to invest in and then supplying funding, Azcende can put poorly harnessed assets and services to better use, delivering higher returns for stakeholders and the public. Azcende helps government and industry solve tomorrow’s social, environmental and economic challenges.

We seek the opportunity to invest in urban innovation assets that deliver a highly positive economic, social and environmental impact.




Our investments


Azcende has established a unique investment framework that allows us to direct funding towards urban innovation for greater effect.

City and government innovation





Why cities?

More than 54% of the world’s population now lives in cities. By making urban investments that benefit people, government and industries, we can make an outsized contribution to solving global issues in education, health and sustainability by promoting the effective use of technology to improve outcomes in these areas.